10 Things That I’ve Learned From Golf

Since I have declared this year “A vacation year”,  I took-up a new hobby.  For years I have wanted to learn to play golf.  I watch the pros on TV.  I’ve played mini golf my whole life and especially in high school because a good friend of mine’s family owned a course.  I even have friends and family members who play.  This is the year I have finally put aside my excuses and my reasons to not do things and golf was next on the list!  Isn’t that what vacations are for? To do the things we never seem to have the time or energy for?

Funny thing about that…when you decide not to listen to the excuses and do it even when you think you’re tired..somehow you find the energy and those excuses don’t seem to cut it anymore.

So, golf it is…and along the way it has taught me a lot about myself and life. 

10 things I’ve learned from golf:

  • People put pressure on themselves for no good reason

most of us are afraid to succeed or fail and it really doesn’t matter how it ends because it is about the journey along the way.  We make it what it becomes…have fun!

  • Just do your best right now

the present time is all we have to worry about.  If we concentrate on that, then the rest falls in line.  One shot at a time.  That’s all we can control.

  •   No one but YOU cares how you do

don’t worry about looking foolish.  Everyone is too worried about how they look to care about you.  In Yoga we have a saying that we follow; keep your space and eyes on your own mat.  Guess what?  It’s true!  During my golf lessons everyone hit great shots and everyone hit bad ones.  You have to start somewhere.  Don’t worry about it!

  •   Foster a beginner’s attitude

be open to learn and to grow.  Be open to constructive criticism-it can only help you do better,  but take it from people who you admire in the area/field/sport you are studying.  Don’t take if from another beginner.  What do they know?  Are we having fun yet?

  •   We all have misconceptions about things

some people call them false beliefs.  Before my golf lessons I thought it would be all serious and a bit stuffy-kind of like that upper crust stereotype-well I could not have been more wrong!  The coach was all about keeping it light and relaxed.  The store clerk, where I bought my golf supplies, reiterated him by saying the number one mistakes made by beginning golfers it that they are too stiff and hold the club too tight.  Relax and enjoy it!

  •  Dress for the occasion at hand

Yoga pants, though comfortable and flowing enough to allow for movement, don’t cut it for golf.  Yeah, this surprised me too!  I could not keep them up!  Loose fitted pants/skirt/shorts with pockets for the tees and a comfortable waist band work much better.

  •   Don’t over think it

sometimes what we think will be our downfall will be our biggest blessing.  I did not have a friend to take the class with.  All the girls in class came together.  I got paired-up with a man.  Do you remember how it felt to be picked last for a team in sports at school as a kid?  Well, maybe you weren’t, but I was and all those feelings came back again.  Isolated.   Alone.  What was I thinking?   I thought I would be treated negatively, like I was keeping him from bonding with the guys or something.  Come to find out, guys can be kind of cool.  He was an experienced golfer who had stepped away from the game for awhile.  Lots of golf tips for me!

  •   Be prepared enough to feel comfortable going in, but don’t over prepare

It never goes like you think it will and all that preparation is wasted.  Weddings can be like that.  Once again, enjoy the experience and don’t make yourself crazy about what might or might not happen…

  •   Games can teach us a lot about life

even when we are having fun, and usually because we are, we can learn without even trying!  Support your local youth sports!  They are so worthwhile.

  •   Life is too short! Just get out there and do it!

If after a while you aren’t having fun then try something else.  I absolutely loved my first golf lesson! I smiled all the way home and texted all my friends to tell them about it.  I put zero expectations on myself except to have fun, learn what I could and make a serious commitment to do it.  Practice. Practice.  Practice.  Good, bad or ugly!  Being out there is all that matters.  Oh, and maybe a bit of golf etiquette on the course (like letting people play through), that is, when I get good enough to play on a course…

I hope this post inspires you to try something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t quite gotten to yet.  I also hope you have as much fun along the way as I’ve had.  Life can be challenging, I know, but we need to add-in the fun to make it, well, FUN!!  Happy Adventures!

Be sure to post to my Facebook page any experiences you’d like to share.  I think we could all use some great ideas and some great encouragement from each other.  http://www.facebook.com/healthwithpaula



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