Hope Can Be Found

Hope can be found.  Our journeys of life may be varied, but there is one constant that we all share-change.  In a blink of an eye all can change for the better or for the worst.  It is important that we remain aware of this fact.  That we are comforted by it in the worst of times to know that tomorrow, next week or next year may be better.  That it may look so different that we could never even imagine it.  If we can remain strong for just a little longer and hold on, we can find happiness around the corner.  If we do not feel strong, there is always support somewhere.  It may just require you to find it and to reach out for it from family, friends, religion, medical professionals or a stranger.


I apologize for missing last week’s post.  I was hit square between the eyes by devastating news.  Two young adults that I know both committed suicide in the past few months and I learned about them just days apart.  Two beautiful, loving people with loving families.

On the surface, you would wonder why it hit so hard, but underneath it was raw and exposed.

There are things in each of our lives that we hide, from ourselves, as well as, from others-even those closest to us.  We all deal with fear in different ways and in different situations.  Sometimes, we bury it deep where we can’t even find it.  We are human.  We need to learn compassion for ourselves and the weaker parts within us.  We all have them.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  For me, personally, I have had bouts of depression in more difficult times throughout my life.  I have been in that place of just wanting to sleep forever. Sleep numbs the pain.  Sleep is peaceful.  I have also, lost a close family member to suicide and have stood by as another dealt with their own battle of depression.  I suppose if I had not had these past experiences, I would have missed the signs.  So, I am grateful for this.  There is always a gift within the pain.  I am saddened that these beautiful, loving people felt the  need to end their lives-lives that hadn’t even begun.  Lives that would have been filled with so much joy and love.  I think back to my experiences and I can see it.  I am so grateful I reached out for support and help.  I am so grateful to have received it.  No one knew I needed the help until I asked for it.  I had retreated into myself.  I had shut myself off from the world mentally and slept most of my days away.

On the other side of it, It is hard to see the grieving families and loved ones and how the suicide effects their lives.  It is a difficult thing to process.  We can’t give up hope.  Thankfully, there are support groups, but their journey of grief is their own deep down.  Some never find their way out.

I am sharing my story with you because we need to do our part.  The government isn’t.  The medical world can only do so much.  We need to keep our eyes open.  To lend love and even just a smile, kind gesture or word to those around us.  If we just spread a little kindness and caring out into the world we could make a difference.  At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition we call it the ripple effect.  We might not even be aware of it, but every thing we do effects others-for good or bad.  Let’s choose good.  Let’s concentrate on spreading joy, laughter and love.

I call each and every one of you to action!  Pay it forward by smiling at someone or giving a hug once a day.  Let’s see how many lives can change for the better…..

Let each one of us be another person’s hope.  Happy Adventures!  Thank you.  Namaste.


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