Keep It Simple

I was unable to post last week because I was locked out for security reasons.  There seems to be a lot of that lately.  People are selling products to protect us from ourselves, from unknown sources of evil and from a society gone a muck.  We are all asked to trade in our old cards for chip embedded cards, but there are few machines that even accept them.  My own computer and paid for blog sight wouldn’t even cooperate with me to do something I am supposed to be doing.  Why does everything need to be so complicated?  Sometimes, it is better for our health, sanity and safety, to keep it simple.  

Keep it Simple…

It is a widely known phrase K.I.S.S. (though I don’t like the last S.)…The first rule of life and health.  Too many rules will complicate things and turn you running for the hills or under the bed hiding.  Either counts as exercise, by the way.  So, in the name of simple, ask yourself  “What is the one thing that bothers you the most about your health/life/______ and what is one thing you can do to correct it?”  Just one thing.  Do it, then repeat it.  Do it till it’s a habit then move on to the next one thing.  It is that simple.  The hard part is repeating it until it is a habit and not giving up too soon.  The best part is that once you do it one time, the next time after and each time after that gets easier and easier.

Start Small…

To begin, start small.  Start with something fun.  Something that will bring immediate and spontaneous joy!  Maybe it is something that has been nudging you for years.  Take a class, join a club, Do something just for you.  Since I could not write my post last week, I spent the day behind my sewing machine making a pair of curtains for my office/craft room.  They have been on my “To Do” list for about 3 years.  It was relaxing, it was challenging and it felt so good to see them done and hanging.  Every time I walk by the room or go in to work, it makes me smile.  It is more of a pleasure to spend time there and because of that it boosts my creative spirit-which in turn-promotes healing on not only an emotional level, but a physical one.  Less stress at my desk…A happier me!

What will your One thing be for you?

Questions to get you started:

What were some of your favorite childhood activities that you could do now that you haven’t in a long time?

What thing in the back of your mind keeps bugging you to do?  If only I were…could….I should…._____________ that’s a great place to start.  Pick something to get you closer to THAT thing.

Every time I walk by_____  I feel uneasy, upset, a little sad________.  What can I do to change it?

Every year I say I am going to do_______.  What can I do now to start doing it?


If you need help, support or direction, contact me.  I would love to sit down or by phone talk about it with you.  You are never alone.  I am here when you need me.

Facebook People, I’d love to hear from you!  Send me your challenges and your accomplishments!


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