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how-to-maintain-a-strong-immune-system1The United States is a new nation.  Sometimes, we Americans forget this.  As a nation brought together by like-minded people, those looking for hope and a new beginning, we are able to learn from each other.  To learn about our different cultural practices and beliefs.  In our quest for better health, we are afforded the opportunity to see what ideas/practices/beliefs we can adapt from ancient cultures who have gained a better understanding of life over the centuries.  We can try these things out and decide what resonates with us, personally.

The modern Macrobiotics movement began in the early 1900’s.  This is a dietary theory based upon the ancient concept of  Yin-Yang, which points out the underlying order of the Universe is based on balance.

 The ancient wisdom of the Yin-Yang philosophy believes to live well in all things, we need to remain in a state of balance.

In the study of nutrition, certain qualities of food are either Yin or Yang.  Our bodies are always trying to find that equilibrium between the two.  When we are too far in one direction or the other, we are more prone to disease, our bodies will not perform well, our minds will not be clear.  Our body will send itself signals to crave the opposing element to bring it back to balance, if we do not do it for ourselves.

Sugar is extremely Yin.  If we eat too much of it, we must balance it with extreme Yang foods-Sea Salt, eggs and read meats.  That is why the sweet-salty combo works so well.  Hello Salted caramels!!  Some great balanced foods you can choose are: Grilled Chicken Salad, Sushi, Fish with roasted Root Vegetables, A plate of Fruit, Cheese, Nuts and seeds, a breakfast of Eggs with Coffee.

Balance can also be achieved through our taste buds.  A friend of mine from Thailand told me that they try to incorporate all six tastes into each dish or meal (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter).  A basic meal should have something warm, something with a protein, a salad or/and a vegetable with oil, spices and flavorings and a small sweet dessert.  This could look like a piece of cooked pasture-raised chicken over a bed of grilled vegetables, a salad drizzled with a cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil dressing, and a plate of  cheese and figs for dessert.

To heal ourselves takes planning, consideration and time.  The body knows what it needs to help itself, we just need to learn how to listen.  Food is either our medicine or our poison.  Taking time to nourish ourselves through cooking and eating the foods that make us feel light, energized and alive is something we must do in order to live our best lives.  The time we spend now will reward us tenfold later.  The question is how badly do we want to feel our best? To live our most amazing dreams?  To be the best we can be?

Someone once said, and I think it may have been Rumi, “The Journey is always hard.  The path may be long, but the destination is always worth it.”

Let me know how it goes for you.  I have enjoyed finding new foods to try, new ways to spice them up, or to cook them differently.  Going to the grocery store has become an exploration.  If you take your time to enjoy the process, you will enjoy your food more and celebrate the meals.  Do you need direction and encouragement?  When we work together, we will go step by step to find what your balance is.  It’s an exciting journey.  What are you waiting for?  Sign-up for your free health consultation today. 2015 is going to be a fabulous year!

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