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Hope Can Be Found

Hope Can Be Found

Hope can be found.  Our journeys of life may be varied, but there is one constant that we all share-change.  In a blink of an eye all can change for the better or for the worst.  It is important that we remain aware of this fact.  That we are comforted by it in the worst…Continue Reading

Change Your Health By Just Drinking More Water

Change Your Health By Just Drinking More Water

Drinking water is one simple change you can make toward total health.  It’s a problem for most people and is frequently overlooked.  Sometimes it is the simple things that we disregard first yet that make the biggest impact.  This is one of those things.  It is so important that without it we would cease to…Continue Reading

Plan Your Life Like You Would A Vacation

Plan Your Life Like You Would A Vacation

As with any vacation, the first step is always planning it.  For me, It is exciting and overwhelming.  There are so many choices and time is limited.  There is just not enough time to do it all.   It is so easy to over schedule and become exhausted.  How many times have you returned from…Continue Reading


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