Finding Fresh Produce This Summer at The Farmer’s Market

One of the special treats of summer here in the Northeast corner of the USA is to eat farm fresh produce.  The sweetness and juiciness of the plums, peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, corn and cherries can’t be beat.  Nothing compares at the grocery store.  The flavor is amazing!  All winter long, you can just taste them….yearning for those few precious summer weeks to arrive.Sometimes, I find it difficult to get to the farms.  I have a full schedule which leaves little down time.

 That’s the great thing about farmer’s markets.  You can visit many farms all in one place.

They are popping up everywhere, so I guess I’m not alone with that problem and it makes it easier to find one close to you.  According to the National Farmer’s Market Directory, there are 8,144 farms registered this year.  A 3.6% increase since 2012.  My town alone which has only 20,000 people as a population has two and there are many more in the area.  The nice thing I have noticed is that they tend to stagger them on different days and at different times, allowing people with different schedules the flexibility to find one that works best for them.

What I like farmers marketabout the farmer’s markets is that:

  • The food is fresh providing maximum health benefits to my body, mind and spirit. I have never seen nicer looking Kale or bigger cucumbers!
  • I am supporting my community by supporting the farmers in my area instead of the farmers from Peru or Mexico which you find in the grocery stores
  • I feel connected to my neighbors in town (I always run into people I know there)
  • It’s just fun to do! Fresh air, a little exercise..a little gelato..What could be nicer? My family or friends often join me and we make it a fun outing.
  • Sometimes, I can save money, but not always.  If I spend more than I don’t care.  I know it is worth the quality of the products and the support of the local businesses-which always is a plus for me.  It makes me feel good, which in turn, helps my health.  It’s all about JOY.

To find a local farmer’s market you can search online at  and search by your state.

It lists the farms, their produce and gives you a map with information regarding the dates, times and parking.  If you are interested in their CSA programs, that information is there, also.

Please visit your local markets. See what you can find and share your experiences on my facebook page.

The more we share, the more we learn and grow and the happier we all can be! Want a pirate hunt?  Try to find a garlic snape and tell me what to do with it or send me a picture.  Fresh food can be fun.   Happy Adventures!  Bon Appetite!


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