Great Summer Food Options

To keep your body functioning at it’s best, it is a good idea to change your food options just as you would your wardrobe when the weather changes from cold to hot or vice versa.  In colder months your body craves warming, comforting, higher fat foods.  In the summer, it needs lighter, energizing, cooling foods to keep it going.  Instead of stews, heavy meats and starches think salads, vegetables and using the meats as a side show or using lighter options like fish and chicken.

Below are some great food options to try when you are swapping out your seasonal choices-


Green Juices

Fiber packed smoothies

Yogurt with a light granola and berry topping

A high fiber protein bar with a piece of fruit or a small fruit salad

A cup of bone or vegetable broth


Lunch and Dinner:

Instead of the burger, chicken or fish on a bun, try placing it on a bed of lettuce or on top of a salad (meatballs even work this way).  Swap out your usual dressing to a fruit salad dressing or a light drizzle of oil and apple cider vinegar.  Add fresh herbs, to taste.

Mediterranean rice bowl

Grilled meats on a bed of vegetables

Cold watermelon or Gazpacho soup

Sushi and a salad or soup side

Reduce the pasta and/or starches and add in more vegetables and fruits



Ice up the usual drinks to get them primed for summer-Iced coffee, Tea, Sangria (I love my usual hot ginger-lemon tea iced and blueberry herbal tea tastes fantastic over ice, as well)

Add fruit or/and herbs to club soda, tonic water, spring or regular water or infuse it to keep the pulp out-watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber and mint are my favorites.


Cooking Methods:


Outdoor grill



Be sure to check out the recipes section of my blog posts.  I have a nice raspberry and honey-mustard salad dressing there, as well as, a smoothie recipe, a quinoa salad and a few yummy treats to bring to a barbecue or pool party.  Healthier can be tasty.  Let me know what new cooking inspirations you create this summer on my Facebook page at


Happy Adventures!


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