Helping Others to Reconnect to Joy

We all have busy lives filled with responsibilities, jobs, obligations and friends or families.  It is easy to be distracted and caught-up in the day to day action of living.  I am always awed by those who are able to see beyond all that and find a way to pay it forward.  Helping others is also a great way to reconnect to our joy when life gets tough or off balance.  There is always something we can do to reach out and help another.  This can show us that maybe our life isn’t so awful after all and maybe we should be grateful for what we have been given.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to a fundraising event for a the Dog Gone Recovery group.

It is a group of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy helping people reconnect with their lost dogs-dogs who have slipped away from leashes, out of their homes or owners cars.  At this event I was introduced to a few of the owners and dogs experiences.  Some were missing for months, eluding every attempt at recapture. Without these amazing, selfless people those dogs would have died or never been reunited with their owners.  I have two cats and I could not fathom being in that position.  I would have been heartsick. Pets are part of a family and often become the children many people cannot have.

I came away from this event being so deeply grateful to these people.  All their hard work and dedication was amazing.  I was, also, inspired to find a way to do something more myself.  If we all did a little something to help others, how amazing the world would be!  It not only helps the person (or animal) involved, but it rebounds back to make you feel good too.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

So,  pick from your heart and reach out into the world.  Here are 3 ways you can choose to help others:

  1. Promote local businesses by buying their products and letting others know about them and how they have helped you- Some of my favorites are The Fringe Salon in Unionville, CT. and I won a raffle at the DGR event for 5 free Zumba classes at the Z Factory in Southington, CT.  The owner is a recovered cancer patient who credits zumba to her successful recovery.  Check out my resources page on my website for others (there are so many.)
  2.  Send in your hard earned money to places and causes you believe in-some of my favorites are St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Newington Animal Shelter and the Connecticut Humane Society, and of course, the DGR group.
  3.  Find somewhere or somehow you can volunteer your time and services to.  Think about what holds meaning to you.  How could you improve, aid or support it?  Do you like children? work at a camp.  Like horses? check out local stables.  Like the elderly? try the town for opportunities like driving the shuttles to take them to different places around town or your local Senior Center.  I am active at my church where I garden, knit and deliver cookies to potential new members.

Many times, it isn’t that we don’t know how to help, but that we don’t stop long enough to think about it or we put it off until later (which may or may not ever happen).  One thing I have learned on my Year Vacation is that we shouldn’t wait to do something.  We should enjoy the moment and see where it leads.  It has brought me a lot of unexpected fun, I have met a lot of great people and I feel more connected to life around me.  My hope is to share this with you to bring joy to your life in unexpected ways.  We could all use a little more joy because life is too short not to fill it with the good stuff.  It you wait until tomorrow you may never get the chance.  Why not now?

Happy Adventures!


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