Make a Choice to Say Yes to Life and Your Dreams

flagThis Saturday is the fourth of July holiday in the USA.  It is about independence.  A dream becoming a reality for a nation, as well as, the individual people in it.  They fought for their freedom and won!  They risked everything for what they believed in.  What a great reminder to us all!  We all have dreams.  Sometimes we need a reminder that those dreams are possible, even when they don’t logically seem like it.  The fourth of July comes at a great time of year-6 months since we made our new year’s resolutions.  How many of those resolutions have been forgotten, pushed aside or ignored?

This weekend, in between the cookouts and time celebrating with your loved ones, family and friends, take some time alone.  Give yourself an hour or more.  Pull out a pen and paper and write a list of all the dreams you have.  What dreams have you pushed aside?  What things have you been too busy or distracted to accomplish?  Don’t edit anything.  Just write it all down.  Answer this question:

If my life could look like or be anything without restrictions (imagine a genie that is granting you a wish) what would it be?

Try to be complete, no matter how silly your responses might seem to you.  Think about your childhood dreams, your dreams that are lurking in your mind in the back corners…Now, when you have your list, go back over it.  Try to rank those dreams in order.  What are your top contenders?  Which ones seem most vibrant and spark the most emotional response? Can you picture them coming true?  It doesn’t matter if they are small dreams or big ones.  It only matters that they resonate with you.  Now, answer this question:

What small step can I take now to get a little closer to that dream?

Write down all the possible things you can do to move closer to your dreams.  Just write down all your ideas. Don’t edit them.  You will use this to reference to in the future when you need an inspiration or when you feel stuck.  Keep it in a place you can access later.  You can add to your list, review it or use it to guide you. For now, pick one or two things and GO OUT AND DO IT!  Life is really about the journey.  You hear it all the time, but it really is.  Why do we need dreams? Why are we always looking for something else?    To enjoy the feeling of freedom.  To love life all we can.  To know we matter and can make a difference in the world.  To be grateful for what we’ve created.

 To be happy.

To help you out, here is a small example from my life.  Growing up I was uncoordinated.  I was the last one in the neighborhood to ride my bike without training wheels (fifth grade!!), I couldn’t do a cartwheel no matter how hard I tried and I was always picked last and reluctantly for team sports in gym class.  As I got older, people would ask me to join them in team activities.  I always said no and cheer from the sidelines.  Everyone was okay  with that, but my heart wanted to be out there with them.  I was afraid of looking foolish and of being made fun of.  This year, I was asked to join a 5-K Walkfit program.  Instead of saying no, I made a decision to answer yes.  I wanted to learn to say yes no matter how I looked or even if I came in last.  I decided to live.  Sure, it was only walking.  Easy, but it wasn’t about that.  It was about being a part of something bigger than myself.  It was about feeling good enough just the way I am.  The experience was amazing and the people I met were awesome!!  They inspired me to JUST DO IT!!! for me.  It is my hope to be able to inspire you to JUST DO IT!!! for you.

Make a choice to say “YES” to life.

What dreams are you waiting to live?  What freedom can you celebrate today?  Happy fourth of July!  Happy Adventures!




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