Spring is Here, or Is It?

It’s the first weekend of April.  Spring is here, or is it?  The weather has not quite caught-up here in the Northeast of the USA.

 I am in spring cleaning mode.

At least mentally… I bought a new Feng Shui book to inspire positive energy flow throughout my home, I have a new essential oil burner to use and I recently purchased a steam cleaner to clear the old dust and dirt out.  Pet owners can probably relate to this- There is so much cat fur flying, I know spring weather will be here soon….even if snow is predicted for the next two days…It’s driving me crazy!

I declared 2016 my “vacation year” back in January.  I am only 3 months in and already I am having trouble sitting still.  My “To Do List” has morphed into a notebook!  The problem?  My body has headed south for that beach vacation!  It is exhausted and has repeatedly reminded me all winter long by becoming infected with bacterial infections and viral infections galore.  Have you ever experienced this?  Your mind is gunghoe to do everything and go everywhere, but your body just won’t budge?  The only activity I have is on the couch binge watching those designer shows and golf tournaments.  Not very exciting.cherry trees

Back To Basics!

Let those dust bunnies run rampant another week or two.  I need to rest up for my golf lessons next week!  It’s time to listen to my body which really wants to feel better and be awesome!  Here is my game plan:

  • refill that pitcher of filtered water
  • stuff the frig with lots of vegetables and fruits
  • bring out that juicer from under the cabinet
  • stock up on the yogurt, fermented foods and probiotics
  • pull out the crock pot for some home-made soup
  • bring out that tea collection and local honey
  • slide over to that stack of unfinished books
  • fill the bath with the sea salts and lavender essential oil
  • load the guided meditation tapes onto my Mp3 player
  • fluff up the pillows, lay back and dream about those upcoming adventures……I’ve got a whole year ahead to enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

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