Thanksgiving is About Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is this week.  It is a day of being thankful, of acting thankful for our nation’s freedom.  In the dictionary it states that we are giving thanks to God for our nation’s freedom.  However you see it, it is the act of gratitude.  How are you going to show your gratitude this year?  What acts will you perform?  Do you have yearly rituals or things you always do?  Are you looking for new ways to show your feelings of being thankful?

Here are some ideas to get you rolling…..

  • T-sharing TURKEY with loved ones without distractions from our daily lives. A big pturkey artause in our daily lives.
  • H- HOLDING the door for a neighbor
  • A- ALLOWING others to show you their thankfulness for your actions.  It brings them joy.
  • N- paying for the NEXT person-in -line’s coffee or toll at a toll booth.
  • K- showing KINDNESS to others all year long, not just for the day.
  • F-donating to the local FOOD bank so others can enjoy the celebration, as well.
  • U-UNPLUGGING from your phone, computer or tablet for the day and engage in life with those around you.
  • L-LOVING the people around you and LEARNING about their perspectives to expand yours.


I am thankful for each waking day to create it how I choose and watch the wonderful surprises that unfold before me.

Please share your thankful habits, actions and feelings on my Face Book page.  Let’s expand this circle of gratitude as large as we can!!

If you live in the Hartford, CT.  area, check out my new involvement in the CT Now section of the Thanksgiving issue.  Please, share it with those who may need a helping hand to find joy and direction in their life. We are all connected and are here to help each other, as best we can.

Happy Adventures and Happy Thanksgiving!


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