What Does Food Have To Do With It?

I love food!  It is no wonder that I am a health coach.  I was my first client in need!  Most of my “favorite” foods, I can no longer eat without getting sick, but luckily they still bring me joy.  How can that be?  Let me explain:

  • Ice Cream-poolside on hot summer days and walking on the boardwalk on a hot beach
  • Footlong hot dogs on buttery, warm, toasty buns-birthday parties and afternoons spent shopping for back-to-school clothes with Mom
  • Fish and Chips- they always remind me of dad.  This was one of his favorites and when we when places together, this is often our choice of food. Scotland had the best!
  • Honey-fried chicken-summer road trips!
  • Burgers with fries-high school dates and get-togethers with friends
  • Pizza with Beer/Stout-college nights letting off steam on weekends.  Need I say more?
  • Eggplant Parmesan, fillet mignon with aus jus  sauce-special celebrations and family dinners out
  • Popcorn-date night at the movies.  I can feel the cool air of the theater instantly.
  • Coffee, pancakes and french toast-lazy weekend mornings and total relaxation!
  • Open-face strawberry pie- Sunday afternoons after church with my parents and my first job at a pie shop.  How I hated my short polyester orange dress and bulky white shoes!!
  • Cakes, cookies and brownies-holiday parties


As you can see, I have a lot of food associations.

As much as I love the food, it is really the emotions that the memories trigger that is important.  Whenever a memory is recalled, I am transported back in time to a place of joy, safety and love.  When we do this, we can easily find nourishment from the emotion instead of the food we are tempted to eat.  This is a good thing to remember after a long day filled with stress from work, traffic or our relationships that may be strained at the moment.

For some, they might find comfort from a picture of their first car in high school. Others may have a special family heirloom that brings them joy.  Many of our hobbies can do the same thing.  What do you find that triggers memories for you?

Where can you bring those emotions forward to bring you joy, safety and love into your life now to help you find peace?

I look forward to seeing your responses on Facebook.  While you’re there, be sure to sign-up for my freebie daily notes.  They guide me through each day toward better, healthier choices and feeling good inside and out!  Enjoy!  Happy Adventures!

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