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Are you interested in exploring your program options?

I offer in-person one-on-one and group sessions. For those who are restricted by geographic location or a hectic schedule, I also offer phone sessions.

The programs run on a six or three month basis and the sessions are held every two weeks for an hour duration.  This format has been shown to provide the best results that are lasting and most easily accomplished.

One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions

Working one-on-one with me will provide an atmosphere of privacy and a chance for deeper self-reflection.  It is the best program to choose when you are trying to select your goals, identify limiting beliefs, want to go a little deeper into content or prefer to keep your feelings and thoughts private.

During our one-on-one sessions, we will explore together what your health goals are:

  • Do you want to learn to eat healthier ?
  • Would you like to reduce stress ?
  • Have you wanted to start or revise an exercise routine?
  • Would you like to improve your self-care habits?

Maybe it’s something totally different… working one-on-one really makes it customizable to YOU! Every BODY is different and we all need different things to feel our most vibrant best!

Working with me will keep you from going in circles and becoming frustrated because when we experience things it’s hard to see them clearly or to figure out what to do. Sometimes it helps to get a new perspective. In our one-on-one sessions you will receive a lot of new information and a plan that works for you. It will carry you forward toward where you want to be. It’s like a map that will lead you to your desired destination!

Can you picture it? What does it look like? If you’re not sure that’s ok, too. Sometimes you have to start the journey before you know where you’re going…

Calling all explorers! Grab your suitcase! There’s never been a better time to go!  All one-on-one health coaching programs begin with a complimentary, confidential consultation.  Schedule yours with me today!


Group Sessions

Group coaching is done in a small group of up to ten people who share a common health goal.

If you are interested in joining my group programs, you are in for a treat! The groups are a great way to go when you’re looking to reduce your investment and gain some social interaction with others who share similar goals.

Working in a group allows each member to learn from each other, to share their experiences and give and get lots of support. It’s a great way to meet new friends who share a common goal. The groups are definitely a lot of fun. Contact me today to learn more!

Free Health Consultation

Your best self begins with a complimentary, confidential conversation where we can talk about your health and wellness goals, and you can learn more about working with a health coach.
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As a dental healthcare provider for over 20 years, I am dedicated to doing what I can to improve this country's health epidemic, one person at a time. Together we can make a difference. I am honored to support you toward your optimal health and well-being.

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